Friday, March 13, 2009

What to do on a Sunny Day in Anchorage?

It's 30 degrees Farenheit (2 C) & very sunny. At our house, if it's sunny we head outside everyday at 3 pm for some exercise & fresh air. Usually we walk, sled, or play on the outdoor playground equipment but the past few weeks it's been beautiful so we've been skating.

My son, William has gone from standing up & pushing a chair around the ice to skating on his own to chasing me in a mere two weeks. Isn't it amazing to be young? I used to be a fairly good skater & can still make my way around the rink...& even in my old age I see improvements in myself everyday. I'm skating smoother, faster & can turn around to skate backwards while my child is chasing me on his wobbly blades.

Looking pretty confident & cool in those shades!

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