Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Upcycled Microwave Glass ~ Part 2

Here's my second attempt at up-cycling
a micro-wave glass tray.
This one looks like a giant pizza pie, too!
It looks better in person as there's lots of  dimension that
doesn't show up in the picture.
I have 2 more glass trays & a gazillion ideas.
The next two will not be in this same mandala style.
Back to the Restore Store to see if they have any more of these trays.
This is very addictive.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Glass Pizza ~?

I've been stalking the Habitat Restore Store in Anchorage.
It's almost as much fun as hardware stores & plumbing isles.
Lots of items I'm not familiar with that can be re-purposed into something else.
Wandering through the Restore Store, I came upon a big bin of old
microwave glass turn-tables.  I wonder what the real name is for these glass plates?
I'm sure there's some weird, specific, parts name for them??
Like "ear nuts"... know what ear nuts are?
Anyway, these glass circles kept calling to me,
so after my third visit I decided to buy three. 
I almost always buy things in 3's...
not sure why but I always do.
So here's the typical microwave glass tray.
If you break it & have to buy a replacement it'll cost
you $10 to $24.  UGH! 
That is unless you can buy it at the Restore Store!!
Here's one I purchased for $1.
I'm thinking I over paid because the last time I visited the
Restore Store I paid an average of 25 cents per item.
I guess art has a higher price?

So, I drilled some holes & added a stainless steel wire hanger.
and some glass bobbles & Ta-da!!

William called it a glass gumdrop & worm pizza!
It sort of does look like a pizza.
I'm thinking about adding black grout to give it
a stained glass look?
Pictures tomorrow of it hanging in the greenhouse.
~ It's a circular, orb, glass sun catcher ~