Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday Home Show ~ !

Please join my friends & I for a special 
                           Holiday Home Show ~!

This is a special event involving Anchorage Artists:

Eleanor McMahon
Polly Lewis
Julia McMahon
& Me ~ Tam Johannes

Many one-of-a-kind pieces, sale items & special treats.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tam Johannes & Fire Island Bakery ~ Solo Show

During the month of October I will be showing a body of large
fused glass panels at Fire Island Bakery
(14th Avenue between F & G Street, Anchorage, Alaska).
These pieces include both opaque & transparent glass which
makes them appropriate for both wall pieces or window art.
All are original designs & include a variety of fusible Bullseye art glass,
accessory glass, iron oxide transfer process, handcrafted milleforie,
torch work components, hammered metal components, embossed
glass panels from hand carved clay tablets, & more.
I was originally asked by Blue Hollomon Gallery to create 12 pieces
for this exhibit.  I made 14 & it was cut back to lucky number 13.
Appropriate for the month of October.
Here's a few of the pieces.
Close up of Bee Queen.

Full image of Bee Queen.

Pre-firing of "Sunny."

Post firing of "Sunny."

"Lil Sunny"
Close up of "Lil Sunny."

"Salmon Swarm"

"Flower Power"
"Raven Trio"

"Yum!  Yogurt!":
If you're in the neighborhood let me know & I'll meet you round
the corner at the rustic bakery for a cup of coffee & an amazing croissant'.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Chugach Optional Elementary ~ Kids & Glass Project

Here's a sneak peek at the finished glass panels
created by the students at Chugach Optional Elementary.
They are color coded starting with Kindergarten (yellow)
through to the twelfth panel designed by the staff.
Each panel is approximately 15" X 20".
A total of 25 square feet of glass!


 I like the progression in complexity.
We will be celebrating the completion of this project this
Friday in the school library.
Our students artists & parents will be there to share & enjoy the exhibit.
A special performance by the school drumming group will also
"drum in" this student collaboration!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Progression of a Fused Glass Panel ~ Post Firing

Here's a few post firing shots of
"Garage Floor Flowers"
glass panel.

Post firing, I noticed that I forgot to put more of the striker yellow flowers
in the left quadrant & the upper mid-right area.
I guess I got my orange & yellow strikers mixed up ~
JUST what I warned the elementary students about
during my Artist in Residence gig.
I have a bunch of bugs that I cast in glass a while ago ~
maybe I should add them with ultra-violet light/glue?
Hmmm....more to think about between other jobs.
Back to the studio!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Progression of a Fused Glass Panel ~

I think I'm finished with the design & layout.
I added more fractures/confetti, stringer & layers of transparent glass.
It's in the kiln.
Big reveal tomorrow!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Progression of a Fused Glass Panel ~ Kids & Glass

It's spring break & I'm trying to plan activities for my 9 year old.
It's not all about "mine craft" & iTunes, bud!
It's also about keeping to the schedule of daily chores, practicing piano,
walking Cokie, & working on a few art projects with Mommy.
During the process of unpacking glass from my guest artist gig,
I dropped a pack of glass on the concrete floor of my studio.
OK ~ an opportunity arises for Will & I to create a glass panel from the spoils.
Here's a series of 10 photos of what we've worked on over the
last two days. I don't think we're done.
There's probably another post or two in this process?
Preliminary layout with a few broken pieces.

The clear, yellowy looking pieces are striker orange.
Meaning that they'll strike, or turn color, to a bright orange upon heating.

Adding a little more greenery.

William thinking.
Contemplating the design.
He likes to move pieces around & re-design.
I tend to look at the overall design, take pictures on my iphone, visualize it in my mind
& then move everything around in one swoop.
William's design method... move everything around, then back, then move it again,
move it again, and again, and again....BLAH!!!

Placing white under some transparents.

Adding greenery & accents.

Filling in.

More is better!

Getting close ~!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Artist in Residence ~ Kids & Glass ~ Samples & Prep

I've decided that I need to make a sample panel & fit it in the window space
at Chugach Optional Elementary.
I've measured all 12 of the window spaces & they all vary slightly.
This needs to be taken into account as well as the firing schedule.
Depending upon the number of layers of glass & the fusing temperature
the panels could expand & not fit the space.
Here's a full size mock up.
I'm going to fire this at 1400 degree Fahrenheit
which is a tack fuse with some rounding of edges.
I use Denver Glass Machinery Kilns & supposedly they run hot
(I've read this on warm glass bulletin board)
so glass schedules always need to be adjusted.
I've made some accessory glass components:
milleforie in the rod pod (above).
Chopped them up!

Here's a close up.
The student artists will also be combining glass strips & stringer
for the rod pod.  I have a small kiln I'll be bringing to school so we can fire a few
components during the week & the older artists can chop them up.
I need to remember to bring goggles.
I'm planning on creating a bulletin board in the hallway outside the art room
so I'm making some samples to display such as stages of fusing at various temperatures.
Maybe I should make samples of glass stress / slumping at various temperatures?
I could probably spend a week with each class there's so much to cover so I guess I need to prioritize?  My expert art teacher/co-AIR, Eleanor is good at reining me in & helping me with simplifying the lesson for K-6.  She does it every week!
I have great handouts & a poster on reactive glasses from
 Bullseye Glass Company that I'm planning on displaying.
Throughout the week I'll take photos of the student artists working
and post those on the bulletin board so parents & visitors can see the process.
I've been researching & refreshing my memory on the minerals & elements
used in colored glass.  It's a very interesting read.
I want the students to gain an appreciation of the science, chemistry, & physics involved
in the art glass process.
Here's the piece post firing (1400 degrees F /18 min).
The edges are maybe a little too round.
I like the individual glass pieces "crispy."
We're using 4 striker colors. If you look at the pre & post fired piece you should be able to find them.  Each table will have containers with sorted colors & one container with the striker glass ~ a post fired piece is attached to remind the students what it will look like after firing.
I think that's the hardest part; visualizing in your mind what the color will like in relation to all the other colors that are stable.
There's sure to be some surprises!
I will need to consult with my cohort, Eleanor, on the texture.
Eleanor will be helping with the layout & design of the individual panels
as student artists complete their pieces.
We had at one time talked about creating the panels in a rainbow of color
but this became too cumbersome due to the number of students & time line.
So...I was thinking of color borders?
12 panels = 12 different color borders?
Here's a test strip of possibilities.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Got Glass?

Got Glass?
Yep ~ !
I've got almost 700 pounds of glass.
66 sheets of tetka.
 54 pounds of power & frit
& a bunch of misc "stuff" like stringer, confetti, & tip sheets.
This is a short post ~ I've got work to do!!