Sunday, May 30, 2010

Marge's Rockin Party!

It's Monday & typically it's an
Since today is a holiday, I'm dedicating this post to my
accordion teacher & fabulous musican
Marge Ford.

Marge plays & teaches a mulitude of instruments among them the
button box & the piano accordion. She plays in the groups
The Polka Chips & the Button Box Gang & you can often
see them around town playing summertime gigs &
monthly at St. Pat's Parish Hall during the winter months. Check out her web site
for updates & events.

Marge just celebrated a birthday & here's some shots from her birthday bash.
The food was amazing & the music grand!

Members of the Alaska Button Box Gang.

From the left; Ziggy, Marge (in the black hat), Jill, me & Lucie.
Jill, Lucie & I are students taking lessons from Marge & members of the
Anchorage Accordion Club.
Happy Birthday Marge!

Fun at the Spenard Market!

It was a fun & successful day at the
Spenard Farmer's Market!
A day of visiting with friends ~ like Atta with

Purchasing art supplies from Blaines' Art Supply.
These are watercolor pencils ~ stick them in water then draw & paint
on watercolor paper as usual. I already have a couple sets of these but they
are a lesser quality. These are perfect for backpacking!
You can NEVER have too many art supplies.

Enjoying a slushy at the market.....
hummmm.....yes, that was delicious!

And ~ Selling some ART!
Thanks Lar for helping me out with my booth.

Next week we're off to Denail National Park where I will be a feaured artist in the park!

Friday, May 28, 2010


Join me on Saturday, May 29th at the Spenard Farmer's Market!
I'll be there selling my art glass, jewelry, garden stakes & more.
I've made the logo into cool magnets & for a $5 donation to the Spenard Farmer's Market you can help to pay for the Port-O-Potties!! read that right! We're raising money for the potties!
See you in Spenard tomorrow!!!
(10 to 3 pm ~ civilized hours)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Textures of Hawaii

It's hard to believe a month has passed since we were in Hawaii. The studio has been crazy busy with shipments going out everyday, accordion gigs, honey bee checks, spring gardening & getting ready for an exciting trip to Denali park for work & family fun!

After going through my Hawaii pictures I thought I'd post a few that I took while hiking with my family. I found these images very inspirational. I've always loved photography & in the past even had my own darkroom for developing black & white photos. Textures, tints, & shadows are also important in glass ~ these were / are ideas to incorporate into my work.

Footprints. I love the grandules of sand...looks like frit.

Tire tracks. The sand looks so creamy.

Lava rock. Bubbles & shadows.

Pod cluster. Interesting group. The ridges look like a ladder.

King spider in web. This was so beautiful as the morning light sparkled on the
web ~ it looked like glitter. I took a whole series of photos as the light
My darling child surfing!