Thursday, May 27, 2010

Textures of Hawaii

It's hard to believe a month has passed since we were in Hawaii. The studio has been crazy busy with shipments going out everyday, accordion gigs, honey bee checks, spring gardening & getting ready for an exciting trip to Denali park for work & family fun!

After going through my Hawaii pictures I thought I'd post a few that I took while hiking with my family. I found these images very inspirational. I've always loved photography & in the past even had my own darkroom for developing black & white photos. Textures, tints, & shadows are also important in glass ~ these were / are ideas to incorporate into my work.

Footprints. I love the grandules of sand...looks like frit.

Tire tracks. The sand looks so creamy.

Lava rock. Bubbles & shadows.

Pod cluster. Interesting group. The ridges look like a ladder.

King spider in web. This was so beautiful as the morning light sparkled on the
web ~ it looked like glitter. I took a whole series of photos as the light
My darling child surfing!

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