Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Whale Photos ~ Finally!!

Well, we're back from Hawaii & I'm just now getting back to posting pictures from our fabulous Hawaii trip! It was the most relaxing trip we've had there ~ all we did was walk to the beach in the morning, eat lunch, spend the afternoon at the pool, eat dinner, play shuffle board, & sleep.

And then do it again the next day!

The whale watching trip was our one big adventure!

These whales came up right next to the boat.
The captain had to turn the engine off as
there's a law that if they are within 100 yards of a
motorized ship/boat the engine must be cut to prevent stress to the whales.

They're gigantic! It was very exciting.

We're home. The vacation is over.
The studio is crazy busy & I'm getting ready for another trip to Minnesota on Thursday!

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