Thursday, August 24, 2017

First Friday At 2 Friends Gallery ~!

Please join me on September 1st
at 2 Friends Gallery.

I'll be there as a featured artist
with some of my new
Glass On Glass Paintings.

5 to 8 pm
Anchorage, Alaska

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Alaska Health & Fitness Expo ~!

Please join me at the Alaska Health & Fitness Expo

Friday, August 18th, 3 pm to 7 pm &
Saturday, August 19th, 9 to 4 pm

I'll be there with lots of glass items, jewelry, garden
art as well as my NEW Honeybee food wraps!

See you there~!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Glass Painting

So, I'm de-stashing supplies in my studio & I came across a whole box of

I bought them over 10 years ago.  Yikes~!
I only experimented a little & I didn't have a lot of success.
Due to my production schedule I don't have a lot of time to experiment
with new processes so back to the shelf they were sent.

I've been working with float glass recently so I thought I'd pull the
GlassLine Paints back out & experiment a little as I had some room in the kiln.

~  Here's a few examples ~

The Flowers piece above was outlined in black paint & then fired. This is a traditional
glass technique called "tracing."  After the black tracing was fired I applied the colored
glass paint inside the lines.  One thing I learned is that the paint has to be thinned quite
a bit with water.  Thinning helps it to "pool" & "flow" into the space.
I'm working on the reverse side of the glass.

Here's another attempt at the reverse painting.
Tracing in black paint & then filling in with colors.
A little more success with shading & blending some of the paint which is hard
to do when you're working on the reverse side of the glass.

Here's another piece that was created by fusing glass together & then
applying the tracing & masks/matting.  Masking is thin layers
of enamels applied over the glass in layers, allowed to dry, & then
removed with sgraffito technique to reveal the colors below.

It's a long process with multiple firings in the kiln.  GlassLine looks
best to me when it's fired at a full fuse of 1500 degrees.  At this temperature
the float glass also has nice rounded edges & a shinny finish.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Holiday Shopping In The Studio

Join me December 17th 

10 to 5 pm
501 West 41st Unit D
(Arctic Business Park)
for last minute gifts, glass art & torch demo ~!

Local glass artists including:
JoEllen Vice, Michelle Pearson, Liz Langley, 
Kim Johnson, & Joy McLaurin.

Art, Gifts & Treats to Snack On....
What could be better?

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Gift Shows

I'm madly preparing for the January Wholesale Markets.

In Anchorage ~ The Alaska Gift Show
at the Denaina' Convention Center.

January 7th ~ 3pm to 7 pm
January 8th ~ 9 to 5 pm
January 10th ~ 9 to 4 pm

In Seattle ~ The Seattle Gift Show
at the Seattle Convention Center.

January 22 ~ 9 to 5 pm
January 23 ~ 9 to 5 pm
January 24th ~ 9 to 5 pm
January 25th ~ 9 to 3 pm

If you're a retail buyer I'll look forward to seeing you soon!
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Studio Finds

Sometimes cleaning out the studio leads to some interesting finds.
Pulling out a box, deep inside a cabinet,  I found a stack of
painted tiles that I made ohhhhh......
probably 10 or more years ago!

When my son was little I painted & glazed a number
of tiles & inset them in furniture.

Here's the salmon stool that we still use in the bathroom.
Maybe I'll fix up the glazes in a some of these, re-fire, &
inset in furniture.  My son has moved pass "Bugs & Kisses"
but I haven't ~ I miss the baby days ~!