Thursday, March 7, 2013

Upcycled Wedding Dress ~ Done!

The Wedding Dress Project
is DONE ~!
I're probably thinking....
Yea!  She's Dooooone!
Here's a few shots of the details.
Floral shoulder strap.  
Little ladybug accent.

Waist detail with snake & large peony.

White polka dots with letters....which spell...


The completed piece.

There's lots more inspirational words/phrases & bugs/insects on the skirt
but I was too lazy to take pictures & post.

I upcycled the head piece & it turned out kind of cool.
More ladybugs, bugs, snakes etc.

The dressform was out fitted with zebra duct tap.
Sooooo, Alaskan ~!

The title?

   ~   NEW LIFE  ~