Saturday, February 18, 2012

Aurora Series ~

I'm working on a new series of glass that I'm calling the
Aurora Series.

It's been a bit challenging ~ I'm still trying to get the colors right.
These are made  with many, many, layers of powdered glass.

I've been getting my opaques & transparents mixed up
which is not a good thing!
These have all been fired twice because I was trying
to intensify the colors.
I forget how washed out the transparents are when fired.
The beauty of them though is that they look like watercolor washes.

I think I need to paint these first ~ that seems to help get the colors
& the washes in the glass correct.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Just What Every Artist Wants To See....NOT!

I donate my work to lots of non-profits. 
Look closely below.

See it??

Yes, that's one coaster from a set of four that was
donated to a favorite non-profit...or should I say
"previous favorite" non-profit???  :/

Someone who works at this particular institution thought it would be
funny to send me a thank you note for the art glass coaster
that's helping to stabilize a piece of electrical equipment.

hmmmm?  Not sure how I feel about this?
How would you react??