Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tam Johannes & Fire Island Bakery ~ Solo Show

During the month of October I will be showing a body of large
fused glass panels at Fire Island Bakery
(14th Avenue between F & G Street, Anchorage, Alaska).
These pieces include both opaque & transparent glass which
makes them appropriate for both wall pieces or window art.
All are original designs & include a variety of fusible Bullseye art glass,
accessory glass, iron oxide transfer process, handcrafted milleforie,
torch work components, hammered metal components, embossed
glass panels from hand carved clay tablets, & more.
I was originally asked by Blue Hollomon Gallery to create 12 pieces
for this exhibit.  I made 14 & it was cut back to lucky number 13.
Appropriate for the month of October.
Here's a few of the pieces.
Close up of Bee Queen.

Full image of Bee Queen.

Pre-firing of "Sunny."

Post firing of "Sunny."

"Lil Sunny"
Close up of "Lil Sunny."

"Salmon Swarm"

"Flower Power"
"Raven Trio"

"Yum!  Yogurt!":
If you're in the neighborhood let me know & I'll meet you round
the corner at the rustic bakery for a cup of coffee & an amazing croissant'.