Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Good Friends Are As Sweet As Honey ~

Yes. ...

"Good friends ARE as sweet as honey"

Winnie the Pooh

A bit spicy, woodsy, mossy, light & complex.

I know that seems like a contradiction in terms but the flavor is very hard to decribe.

The honey we've harvested this year is unlike anything we've ever purchased.

Most commmercial beekeepers sell their honey & then it's processed. Usually, that means that it's heated to kill any live pollen or organisms. This also means that it can't be sold as 'raw" honey.

Here's a photo of honey in the frame. It's capped meaning that it's covered with wax or "sealed" by the bees. I do "crush & drain" so everything in the frame is natural that's created by the bees & then I cut out the solid wax sealed honey, crush it & drain through a filter.

Here's the honey cut out of the frame.

Here's the crushed honey & wax in the filter. It's draining into a 5 gallon bucket.

The honey this year is very light in color & of a sweet & spicy taste.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Words Of Wisdom

A friend of mine sent me the following that was emailed to her by another friend. She had been lamenting that she was busy, stressed, tired...you know how it is. We commiserate about our stress & busy lives. My goal the past year or two has been to simplify my life. In all aspects. I want to enjoy the little things more, my family & my child.

After talking with my friend, "Matt," sent the following note to her.

Here are what I call the

Words Of Wisdom by Matt

"I would like you to try to stop worrying so much about the things you have/want to do. Everyday, just take 1/2 hour, or even ten minutes, lay down on the floor or sit in your chair and do nothing. NOTHING. Set an egg timer to make sure you don't get up prematurely. Everyone gets time to do NOTHING, and you can afford this time. Don't think about doing anything, don't think about what needs doing, just sit and breath. And think about your breath, going in and out. And think about people you wuv/love. Or just try to think about nothing. This is what I advise.

Optional step 2: When you finish, pop the cork on some beer, and think about maybe doing something, or not."

I especially like Option 2 but I'd probably substitute a glass of wine! I also like his recommendation to "set an egg timer." Does anyone still use an egg timer?? It all sort of fits the philosophy of Matt, don't you think?

Thanks Matt!