Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Join Me ~ First Friday September 7th

Tam Johannes
"Glass on Glass"
Cosmos, Tam Johannes, enamel on glass, 12" x 8" $160
In September, multimedia artist Tam Johannes will present an array of her current work using warm glass. Painting on glass is an experimental medium involving painting with enamels that are compatible with glass when fired at high temperatures in a kiln. Each layer of paint is applied, fired on, and then another layer of glass paint is added. Techniques such as sgraffito are also used to imply texture and depth. Three or more high temperature firings in a kiln are often needed. 

Tam's work is currently being shown nationally in the Peabody Essex Museum, The Worcester Art Museum, The University of California Berkeley, The National Museum of Women in the Arts Gallery and Christmas Catalog (Washington, D.C.). She has also worked as an Artist in Residence in a number of venues including the Anchorage School District and the Anchorage Museum.

It is always fun to see Tam's new endeavors. Her work is accessible and colorful. It is its own niche!

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