Monday, September 24, 2018

New Designs in Fabric ~

     Some time ago, I painted a series of images on cotton, sewed them together into a banner & used them at my booth during various events.  People always commented on the banner & wanted to buy a set of the images.  These images are specific to Alaska & the summer festivals / markets.

     BUT, how does one price a set of original paintings? It's a dilemma for many artists. How do you price your work fairly ~ both for the customer & the artist?  I couldn't & don't want to hand paint dozens of these on cotton.

     The solution, or at least something I've contemplated, is to have the images printed on 100% cotton fabric.  I tried setting up my designs as a self-lesson in PhotoShop, uploaded the finished art & today I received my 1 yard & a fat quarter fabric with my paintings.  

     Now to cut them apart & sew into a new banner of peace flags.

     Let me know what you think & /or if you'd be interested in a finished banner or yardage?

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