Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Progression of a Fused Glass Panel ~ Kids & Glass

It's spring break & I'm trying to plan activities for my 9 year old.
It's not all about "mine craft" & iTunes, bud!
It's also about keeping to the schedule of daily chores, practicing piano,
walking Cokie, & working on a few art projects with Mommy.
During the process of unpacking glass from my guest artist gig,
I dropped a pack of glass on the concrete floor of my studio.
OK ~ an opportunity arises for Will & I to create a glass panel from the spoils.
Here's a series of 10 photos of what we've worked on over the
last two days. I don't think we're done.
There's probably another post or two in this process?
Preliminary layout with a few broken pieces.

The clear, yellowy looking pieces are striker orange.
Meaning that they'll strike, or turn color, to a bright orange upon heating.

Adding a little more greenery.

William thinking.
Contemplating the design.
He likes to move pieces around & re-design.
I tend to look at the overall design, take pictures on my iphone, visualize it in my mind
& then move everything around in one swoop.
William's design method... move everything around, then back, then move it again,
move it again, and again, and again....BLAH!!!

Placing white under some transparents.

Adding greenery & accents.

Filling in.

More is better!

Getting close ~!

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