Monday, March 2, 2009

Accordion Cases can be Works of Art!

Most accordion cases are sturdy, utilitarian & belie the unique instrument stored inside. They're typically brown or black but one of my accordion cases was a brown plaid & had some large stains on one side. Sounds lovely, right?

Well, I decided to take matters into my own hands & embellish the case so I wouldn't be embarrassed to transport my accordion to events & practices. I'm a bit of pack rat ~ or organizationally challenged if you want to be PC ~ so I have a stash of "stuff" that I save for decoupage & mosaic. You never know when you might need canceled stamps, outdated calendars, or old dominoes!

Here's a picture of the first accordion case I embellished. Yes, there's more than one!
Here's a couple of close up shots of the detail. I especially like Loteria, tarot & regular playing cards as well as stamps, gaming pieces, old calendars, beads....& whatever else I can find or recycle.
Recycling greeting cards also decoupage well as do wine labels. I usually soak the wine bottles in hot water & then use a razor blade to remove them & place on wax paper until I'm ready to use them in a project.
The Frida Kahlo image is from a sheet of stamps from the US Post Office. They offer cool stamps with a large image of the artist or theme that also sticky-backed. The Harry Potter pin was from one of the book releases & I'd like to think he could appreciate accordion music. It's magical too!


  1. Hey, that's neat. When I get my new soft-case, I'm thinking of sewing patches onto it.

    Hi from Accordion Noir Radio in BC.

    PS. You do glass: I saw an "Our Lady of Guadalupe" folky art show a few years ago that had a big glass figure of her with a lot of ornamentation, including a masked Lucha Libre head on the little angelito at her feat. Wish I had a poster of that.

  2. Wonderful! You've really inspired me to snazz up my worn, dowdy accordion case! The accordion inside is a red Serenelli beauty, but the case, well, less so.