Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Mystery Package!

This past week I received a package in the mail. A package I wasn't expecting. I looked at it & turned it over a few times & studied the return address which I didn't recognize. I also didn't recognize the handwriting. I always like visualize what's inside or remember what I ordered that has now arrived.

My first thought was that it was a return from a customer. A little negative you think? After 10 years in retail I'm still trying to recover. Don't get me wrong, I had fabulous customers & many who became good friends but every once in awhile you the get the customer that makes you want to turn the OPEN sign OFF for the rest of the day.

Anyway, as I opened this package I caught sight of some beautiful colors & fiber poking out. Oh my goodness! I checked the return address again thinking I had gotten something mailed to me by mistake & then I saw the note. It was from Kathy in Seattle!

Kathy is an artist's representative that I've known from the wholesale scene. When we were both at the Alaska Gift Show in January I traded her a glass piece for one of her handcrafted scarves! Her note said that she chose these colors & particular fiber pieces just for me ~ how cool is that??

Kathy recycles sweaters, wool, yarn & other embellishments that she then fashions into wearable art. Some of the fiber embellishment looks like it was felted on top of the other wool pieces. One feature of the scarf I really liked is that she used soft black velvet on the inside neck zone. Here's a close-up of the detail.

It feels great & looks wonderful! I wore it skating the other day & a hockey player (male) on the ice even commented on it ~ Now that's a compliment!
Let me know if you want to trade again Kathy. It's my new favorite accessory! Thanks again ~ you made my day with the mystery package.

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