Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Hell

Tonight, Monday, is my accordion group practice. I need to be playing through my music & trying to get some of it memorized. The group members have picked specific pieces to memorize. I have mixed feelings about memorizing; slight resistance due to childhood memories of piano recitals & knowing that it's a good exercise for my brain. I'll probably cave in to group pressure & memorize the music.

I have mixed feelings about the Gary Larson cartoon, too. It makes me laugh & then feel guilty cause I really like the accordion! I read somewhere on-line that after Gary Larson published this cartoon he visited the famous Petosa Accordion shop in Seattle & apologized. If my memory is correct I think he wrote the apology on a copy of the cartoon. Next time I'm in Wallinford I'm stopping bye Petosa's & checking it out!

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