Friday, March 6, 2009

Snowmen in a Boat

I'm in production & experimentation mode so I have random bits & pieces laying around the studio. It's my dream to be super organized & always have a studio that's neat & tidy but it's truly a pipe dream so I should just surrender to my own little reality. My studio may look messy but believe me "I KNOW WHERE EVERYTHING IS."

OK, back to "Snowmen in a Boat". I'm working at my desk & I look over to see my 4 year old son, William, trying on a mask. A glass mask. "Be careful honey, that's glass."

On the counter is also a basket of glass snowpeople ornaments that have yet be drilled for the hangers. William casually picks up the ornaments a starts stacking them in his hand & I say, "Be careful honey, that's glass."

Of course he just ignores me & keeps on trying to stack into the glass mask. I'm trying to be cool but geez that's a lot of work that I don't want to have to do a second time & it's glass! He could get cut if one was broken or he dropped in on the cement floor. It's times like these when I think about the teacher in me & try to take a deep breath & remember about all the teachable moments & that some of our best learning experiences are through trial & error. Big breath & a pause...

And he says; "Look Mom! There's snowmen in a boat!" And he's right! There they are all carefully lined-up in the inverted mask! Whew ~ Happy Snowpeople & Happy Me!

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