Friday, March 27, 2009

Code Red!

Here we go again... Mount Redoubt is acting up & spewing ash over
southcentral Alaska. So far the ash cloud has avoided Anchorage but Alaska Airlines & probably everyone else flying in & out of Anchorage have canceled flights. The ash is like fine glass particles & dangerous to breathe. It's abrasive & tends to scratch surfaces so it has to be cleaned up with water...& when wet becomes like cement. It's a work-out to clean it up.
When Redoubt blew in the 80's Anchorage was hit hard with ash & I remember cleaning our deck off by shoveling the ash into trash cans. Now I'd actually like a little of that ash to experiment with in my glass work. Hmmmm...maybe I'll have to call some friends in Talkeetna or Homer & have them save me a little dust.

Our local newspaper has some great photos & information about the volcano so if you want to read more about it go to

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