Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Upcycled Wedding Dress ~ Part 3

I'm back to working on the "Wedding Dress."
I had to get the kiln cleaned out & re-loaded with a slump firing,
go to Costco, clean the house & then get out the serger & sewing machine
so I could start to work on the "wedding dress."
I just had my 1970 Pfaff sewing machine tuned up & this little
girl sews like a dream.  My "new" 1991 White serger...not so much.
It has a plastic body so it needs a lot of adjustment & re-threading
on a frequent basis when sewing.  The White was the first machine I
ever purchased new.  It was treat one year with my pfd ~
 I think I spent $298 on sale at Riehl Sew & Vac.
It should go back to Riehl for a tune up ~ they can fix anything!
Before I could start to work on
the "dress"  project. I needed to clean the studio & house...
I think it's like clearing the slate or
having a fresh start.  It stills the mind & allows fewer distractions.
Although, sometimes there's little distractions afoot when you least expect it ~!
I spy a little bird...oh, wait ~ it's a shop rat!
So, after working for most of the afternoon on the "wedding dress"
I was able to add four layers of tulle on the bottom of the hoop skirt.
The tulle has some nice sparkle so it adds a bit of fluff & reflection.
I added a layer of "leaf" fabric over the bodice.
This was harder than I thought it would be but it turned out nice.
I was going to add the leaves on the back of the bodice too but
I think it would be too much...it has a better line on the back with the simple polyester.
So, I'm learning a little bit about the polyester.
It's very forgiving, doesn't wrinkle, repels spills, is easy to sew...
hmmm....maybe that's why this "wedding dress" was made out of polyester?
More to do...

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