Friday, January 18, 2013

Upcycled Wedding Dress ~ Part 2

The deconstruction has begun...
The 80's have met the scissors & the scissors have won!
The first thing I did was to cut off the outer layer of the polyester
tiered skirt.  It was gathered at the waist so it is a LOT of fabric!
I cut the layered underskirt to a shorted length so it could serve as a sort of "base."
The fabric I have left over is voluminous & LOTS of lace.
The tulle "hoop" skirt has been shorted on top or from the waist
so it still works as a hoop to give the skirt some flare.
Did you notice the poofy sleeves are gone?
William has begged me for days to cut them off so
"POOF!"  They're gone!
I made a pattern for a simple half circle skirt & ta-da!!!...
a cool over skirtin a botanical design that will be embellished with
over & under applique' with metallics.
I have a surprise for the bodice & more....I'm excited.
This is such a fun challenge.
I should be cutting copper but I'm playing with fabric & clay.
So much more to come ~!

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