Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Transformed Treasures 2013 ~

As an artist, the Transformed Treasures fundraiser for the
Salvation Army is one of my favorite events.

Artists are given $50 in store vouchers with which to purchase
an item to transform into a treasure.
All the treasures are auctioned off a gala luncheon in the spring.

This year the Salvation Army is offering two challenges to artists.
One is a chair challenge ~ 5 chairs to be transformed.
The second is a wedding dress challenge ~ 5 dresses to be transformed.

I really wanted a wedding dress....and here it is!!

Good grief it's UGLY!!
I just assumed all wedding dresses would be made out of silk, charmeuse, or some such
quality fabric.  These types of fabrics take a dye bath well if I wanted to change the color.
BUT ~ NO!  This dress is polyester.

Polyester??  Really??
Who would buy a polyester wedding dress?
An if it's polyester why would it have to be dry cleaned?
Throw this puppy in the washer & dryer....which I might do just to see what happens.

Now I've got to re-think some of my original brainstorming ideas.

Let the challenge begin!

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