Thursday, January 17, 2013

Upcycled Wedding Dress ~ Part 1

I thought I'd shoot a few photos of the wedding dress
before I started to transform it into....?
Here it is in all its 1980's fashion glory!
My friend, Sherrill, loaned me this cool mannequin she uses in her home to display
various projects & wearable art pieces.
She already had it wrapped with the cream fabric & the
tuff of tulle' on the top.
The hoop came with the lovely wedding dress so I slipped in on the mannequin.
The hoop fit fairly well & had a tie closure so it was easy to adjust.
Here's the dress displayed on the mannequin pre-any-modification.
It's a really great fit!
The dress is a 9/10 & it fit perfectly on the mannequin.
I have the mannequin on loan for the next month so
I better get busy!
I've got to find or make a mannequin so I have a
way to display my creation for the event.
Any ideas???

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