Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wine Bottle Boats ~

Yes, this post is about recycling again. 
Wine bottles again.
I keep trying to come up with new ways to recycle the bottles
so here's a twist on the wine bottle tray.

A new favorite wine is "Valley of the Moon" chardonnay.
It's crisp, smooth, & yummy with everything from salmon to pasta.
Flavor aside, it's also bottled beautifully with a silver decal that
is retrained regardless of temperatures upwards of 1500 degrees.

After the bottle is fused flat into the typical tray it's slumped into a mold~
I call it the bottle boat mold....I have no idea what it's really called?
Even after the second firing the decal remains & is fused into the glass.

The neighborhood boarding mine is called "Valley of the Moon." 
Cool, eh? 
The wine bottle boat is a popular gift item in Anchorage for all the downtowners.
I've sold them as fast as I can drink the wine...only kidding...sort of.
Anyone out there want to help me??  :)

After it's slumped into the mold it's now a boat...er...bowl!

Ta-Da ~ Side view! 
Look!  Even a cute handle was created from the neck of the bottle!
These are great little trays for nuts or dips & best of all the glass is being
recycled & kept out of the landfill. 


  1. Nice/ now what can you do with beer bottles??


  2. I always like the bottle boats!
    Sure you can grab a pic and link.

  3. Thanks Kim & Larry ~
    Larry, if you would only drink some beer then I'd have some glass to experiment with. The corona bottles fire nicely & the decal stays on the glass like this wine bottle.

    Thanks Kim for your permission. The link is up & I really want to win! :) Tam