Friday, March 11, 2011

The Moose is Loose ~

The moose is loose in the hood!

Even though Anchorage is a city of nearly 300,000, & we live in the downtown
city center, we have moose wandering through almost daily.

We get used to seeing them walking up & down the sidewalks, stopping to
eat the hedge & poo on the deck.  Yep, when you live in Anchorage you could have 1,200 or more pounds of moose standing on your deck ~ good thing we reinforced it for a hot tub & then never got around to installing the tub!

Hey, big Momma
Walking down the sidewalk munching the cotoneaster.
Ooooo...she's giving me the stink eye ~ because the flash on the camera went off.  Can you see the steam coming out of her nostrils?  Mamma's not happy.

She's been busted before because she's got a "collar" around her neck.
Alaska Fish & Game collar & tag animals to track & monitor behavior, habits & territory.

Here's the calf in MY GARDEN eating the cotoneaster from inside the fence.

I see you there hiding behind the trellis!!

(S)he also fed on other foliage but thank the heavens the "baby" missed the apple & cherry trees in the front garden.  I have those trees shrouded in cheese cloth which has been the only way to keep the moose from eating them to the ground.  The bee hives are also there & come to think of it ~ it seems like the moose haven't touched the fruit trees since the hives have lived in an adjacent corner of yard? 

Spring is around the corner...just in time for me to plant the veggie garden for the moose!


  1. LOL ... Is this real ? Can't imagine a Moose hanging around my fence. Are they gently ?
    Can you give me your mail adres so I can send you the details on the enamel plates I used for the necklace on Saturaday Shopping day ?

  2. Yes, unfortunately, the moose are real. No, they are not gentle ~ they look sort of soft & snugly don't they? They are wild animals who are unpredictable.
    My poor husband was trying to leave for work & had to hang out for about a half hour until the "baby" moose left the garden.
    Thanks for the comment & I emailed you ~ Love your site & the necklace.
    Tam :)

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