Friday, March 4, 2011

Giving Back to Public Radio

I heard a comment recently made by someone who was talking about the proposed budget cuts to public radio.  It was something like...why is it when congress talks budget cuts they start with the "brain" first?  "Brain" being the voice of reason & intelligence that represents public radio.

Here's my disclaimer:
 I may be biased as I'm  liberal in my leanings & a supporter of
 public radio & TV. 
It's about all I listen to & watch so I feel responsible to
give back either through memberships or donations.
My partner also has worked in public radio for about 18 years. 
 I don't watch network TV.  I love CNN, public TV & listen to lots of music.

This is my art glass donation to KNBA ~ the first & only Native Public Station in a Metro Market!

The start of the layout (14" X 14") clear Bullseye Tetka base, black 3mm,
& fractures in marine blue & white.

I added a quote by Chief Seattle on the white glass:
"Take Only Memories, Leave Nothing but Footprints"
Added more fractures in leaf green, adventurine(sparkle),  & a variety of stringers.
I had sort of a nature theme in mind...can you see it?

Here's the glass layout pre-firing.

Post firing in the kiln ~ full fuse at 1500 degree Fahrenheit.

Close up of the quote  (iron oxide transfer process).

Final piece displayed in a custom black, powder coated, iron stand.

Check it out at 90.3 on the FM dial.  Thank you KNBA!
If you're in Anchorage & want to attend the Alaska Native Art Auction
to benefit KNBA please call the station for tickets & more information.


  1. Thanks Tam, KNBA is very appreciative of the donation. It's the 16th year of the annual fundraiser and I remember you donated to the first one when our friend Dawn Dinwoodie was running it....and, every single one since.

    There are only about 5 more tables available, the auction usually sells out. If anyone wants to attend, or to find out more, visit or send me an e-mail.

    Larry (your partner)

  2. Thanks Lar! Of course, we love KNBA & not only because you work there! :) KNBA plays alternative, HIP, music & also streams Native America Talking among other cool shows.

    I like this piece so I hope it brings in the $ at the auction. Tam

  3. This is so beautiful! And so evocative of spring, which we all dream of. I hope it makes big bucks for KNBA.