Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gaining Light ~ Glass Wall Sconces

I'm working on a set of glass wall sconces to replace the
glass from another set
 I had made in dark colors ~ see the glass above.
Transparent cobalt, sky blue, spring green, neo-lavendar & aqua. 
The glass base is an irid clear and if you look closely
you can see the diamond pattern. 
This really added a nice shimmer when  lit.
Although I love these colors they were dark & didn't let a lot of light through. 
Nice & soothing in the winter & beautiful on a cobalt painted wall.'s spring time in Alaska
& I've been in a cleaning & painting mode.
The cobalt wall has been painted a buff color & with the trims white I wanted a lighter colored glass sconce on these fixtures.

The fixture hardware  is custom made & sold by Bullseye Glass Co. & sells for about $116 each ~  lamp fixture hardware (11.75" X 7.5").  This fixture hardware is made to fit the glass slumped over the lamp bender conic mold (#8740).

Here's a picture of the mold. 
 It's been brushed with kiln wash & is in the kiln ready for use.

I contemplated using many colors of glass but in the end decided to go with something light & neutral.  The glass base is clear tetka (3mm)  topped with white fractures, stringers (1mm & 2 mm in white, ivory, & transparent gold),  & frit in a variety of sizes & chunks. 
 I really like the bigger chunk effect.

Final glass after firing & slump firing.

Here's the glass mounted & lit. 
 I'm loving the color combo & the radiating light effect on the wall.

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