Thursday, January 26, 2012

Alaska Gift Show!

The Alaska Gift Show is over
but orders continue to filter in while 
catalogs & shipments are going out daily.

Even though the weather was horrible in Alaska & the Seattle airport was
closed my Seattle rep, Kathy, managed to fly into Anchorage (albeit a bit late).
 Some retail shoppers weren't so lucky & were stranded or delayed.
As a result, I've been getting lots of email orders & things are picking up
on WholesaleCrafts.Com.

Quick shot of my booth.
I had a nice compliment on my booth set-up from my friend Skookums.
Skookums is an amazing & well-known harpist but
her other job is to rep a few well known Alaska artists.
It was great to see her ~ I should have gotten a picture of the two of us!

Anyway, she liked my booth set-up.
I usually set it up so it's a bit askew..
.to createa triangle. 
 I have a small table & two chairs facing the booth so
my shoppers can sit & look at all the samples while we chat & write up orders.

Taku Graphics is one of my neighbors.
They rep an amazing line of famous Alaskan artists including
Ray Troll, Karen Beason, Teresa Ascone, & now ME!

This beautiful peacock was residing in the booth next door to mine.
It belongs to Lynn of Horse Island Traders from Juneau, Alaska.
 Lynn is one of my favorite booth neighbors ~ full of positive
energy & kind to everyone.

Kathy & Lynn comparing notes!
I think Kathy was buying some samples?

Lynn placed this stunning beaded peacock between our booths
& it stopped shoppers in their tracks. 
It helped to pull people into her booth & mine.
What a conversation piece!
Shows over but the now the work begins!
Las Vegas is next!

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