Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Treasure has been Transformed!

Here's a shot of my finished table for the
Salvation Army fundraiser auction.

It looks better in person.
Glass is hard to photograph without getting glare
and especially when you're a lazy photographer
who didn't take time to set up the shot with a back drop & proper lighting.

What can I say?? 
I'm crazy busy these days in the studio & it's a donation.
3 days to paint the glass top.
I think I've paid my dues.  :)


  1. Very nice! how does one get involved n this fundraiser/ scavenger hunt? I've looked on their website and can't find any info.... I'd love to contribute a fabulous find made over for charity. If it wouldn't be too much trouble would u email me? Thanks and the table is beautiful!!

  2. email me your contact info & art medium & I'll forward your info to the coordinator of the event. Thanks!