Monday, January 2, 2012

A Transformed Treasure ~ in progress...

Transformed Treasures
 is a fundraiser for the Anchorage Salvation Army.

Artists are invited to participate &
provided $50 in vouchers to shop at a number of the
local Salvation Army Stores.

Then the treasure hunt begins as you shop
until you drop trying to find a cast off item that you're able to

transform into a treasure...and then donate it back to the Salvation Army
for their annual luncheon event later this spring.

Here's one of my treasures!
A sweet little table with a black rod iron base (it folds flat)
with a large round glass top. 
The top is in perfect condition ~
no chips or scratches so it saves me a fire polishing in the kiln.
I used $25 in vouchers.

I'm going to use glass enamels & paint a botanical design on the glass.
You can see my sketch on the paper under the glass.  I have to have some sort of
pattern for overall placement or else I get distracted & who knows what I'd end up
painting or what it'd look like in the end.

Here's the beginning!

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