Thursday, January 12, 2012

Accordion Travel in Style!

I'm loving my new hot-rod red accordion case!
It was sort of a splurge purchase on eBay
 (not price-wise but "do I really need it"-wise).

But now.... after it's arrival in the mail all I can is
YUM!!!  I'm in love!

Just look at her!  
How can you not love a hot red girl on wheels, 
with a telescoping handle & a plush interior???

She even came with locks & 4 keys & heavy duty straps if you want to 
strap her on your back & wear her like a backpack.

Made by Eastman Music Co. this is a custom case.

Look at my Petosa Baby Grand nestled inside!.
The interior is a beautiful, dark, red soft foam..just like a red velvet cupcake!


Oh yeah time we play Chilkoots we're going in style!

Best of all is the shipping box!

Ta-da....who knew it was the same size as a seven year old boy?!?!

1 comment:

  1. I love that sparkling red case! That is perfect for keeping all your precious instrument and equipment. What I like about your case is that it looks pretty handy. You should never regret that you bought it. #Mana Smoot