Thursday, May 3, 2012

Peter McGrain ~ Glass Artist & Accordion Player

One of the classes I participated in while at the
Glass Expo was a glass painting class with Peter McGrain.
This is technique is described as
Vitri-fus'alle: a word made-up by Peter.

This technique incorporates fusing with traditional
glass painting used to embellish stained glass.
Think of the beautiful stained glass in European churches
and that's the influence & look created...with a modern twist!

(here are Peter's hands working on the light table.  I have more
pictures of him but he didn't answer my email for permission
to show them here so it's only his hands for now....)

Traditional glass painting uses the methods of
tracing and matting.  These are layers upon layers of
painted tints that are built up & then removed to create the
shading & highlights in the figures.

Here's my humble study via Peter McGrain.

Peter recommends using System 96 glass ~
I've been considering switching over to 96 vs 90 due to a variety
of issues so maybe this will clinch my decision.
I'm excited to play with this technique & see
where it goes.  Have lots of ideas rumbling around in my head.

Thanks Peter for an inspiring & fun class!
During the class I also found out that Peter is an accordion player!
I knew I liked him!

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