Thursday, May 10, 2012

Equipment & Strippers ~

While at the Glass Expo in Vegas
I bought some new equipment.
One of the things I have wanted for years is a
really good quality circle cutter.

I have a couple of small lens cutters but they only
expand to about 6 inches & the cutting is so-so.

Monorail makes a beautiful circle cutter!
I'm a bit of a tool junkie, I admit it & I've looked at this
particular tool in past years but had a hard time justifying the >$200 price tag.
This year, I decided to treat myself ~
plus it was free shipping!!

My husband thinks I'm one of few woman who
love to get tools for gifts ~
Nice drill with extra batteries ~ love it!
Carharts for the shop ~ love it!
New set of socket wrenches ~ love it!
Saw blades ~ love it!

(Sorry this picture is sideways ~ I formatted the correct orientation & when it uploads it turns vertical.  UGH!)

So, this long narrow box arrives in the mail.
I like to play a little game where I guess what's in the box
before I open it so I glanced at the return address & saw the word

UHHHHH?????  What??
Even my postal carrier was intrigued & asked me what I ordered?
She had a little smirk on her face & I knew she was thinking it
was something of a personal nature. were wrong "Queen."
Yes, my mail carriers name is "Queen."

Anyway, it was my new circle cutter from MONORAIL ~
The full company name is DK MONORAIL STRIPPERS?


Here it is all assembled!
I'm loving my new deluxe tool!

Heavy weight, well made & sure to last a lifetime!
Thanks Monorail!

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