Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Creepy Noise in the Night it's about 3 am & I'm up. 
 "Why" would be a good question
but I'm often up in the
middle of the night to work, to worry, & yes more ...worry.

I hear a cry. 
A scream outside. 
 A container of files falls off a shelf.
"That's weird," I think to myself...but then there are no coincidences.

So I turn on the outside lights
(thanks to Fred & his Dad who added more outside light to our house this past summer)
& in the darkness I see two shadows running fast down the alley.

Only shadows.  Moving fast.  It's creepy.

I've been watching too many "Twilight"  & "New Moon" re-runs.

(don't flame me on my movie choices...the books were a great read on long airline flights!)


  1. That sounds absolutely terrifying! An experience like that would ensure that I would be up *every* night at 3, listening and worrying -- at least for a while.

    I loved Twilight, though I didn't expect to. Haven't seen any of the others yet though I have New Moon waiting for me on audiobook.

  2. Hi Diana ~
    Yes, it was really scary. I keep thinking about the big shadows moving fast down the dark alley.
    The Twilight series got panned by the literary crowd but they're a light & entertaining read & I get why they're popular with high school girls. I'm a reader so I read a little bit bit of everything. I really liked the "girl with the dragon tatoo" series. They really grabbed me...I couldn't put down the kindle. Thanks for the comment. Tam