Sunday, January 30, 2011

Buddy the Blood Drop!

Meet Buddy the Blood Drop!
Buddy works at the Alaska Blood Bank promoting blood donation.
William met Buddy the Blood Drop at a festival this past fall while I was there selling my work.

There was a contest for children to draw their interpretation of Buddy &
William won 1st place for his artwork! 
William's drawing of Buddy will serve as the new logo for the Blood Bank.

Good job Will!
Now can you help me with a logo project I'm working on??


  1. Very cool. Congratulations William!
    You must be so proud, I know I would be.

    xoxo Kim

  2. Thanks Kim! I think Larry & I were more excited than William but he's generally pretty laid back. We went out to celebrate & told Will he could order anything on the menu & he picked pancakes & milk...yep, he's a wild kid! :)
    Hope you're enjoying the sunshine in the SW! Tam

  3. Congratulations William! If he is anything like his mom, he'll be a great artist for sure. :)

  4. Thanks Angela. You're so sweet. He thinks he's famous :) Tam