Monday, January 25, 2010

Glass Houses ~ (again)

The neighborhood is expanding!

I'm working on another large piece to donate to the Anchorage Museum's Annual Gala fundraiser.
Here's the raw layout in the kiln. I usually look through the large pieces of scrap I have & try to piece together a basic layout & then add specifically cut pieces as I need to add dimension.

The clear piece is laid under the other colored pieces & will form a structure for another embellishment (see below) that I'm going to add in a second firing. I often write notes, draw sketches & outline shapes with a "sharpie" marker on the glass. It works great & fires off without any residue. I should buy stock because I love these markers & buy big packs of them at Costco (my other favorite shop & "No" they're not paying me to say that :) )

Here's the "embellishment." That's right people! Get ready because Aliens are Invading Anchorage! The actual name of this piece will be "Aliens Over Anchorage."

I had originally fired another piece & fired in a heavy coiled wire & thought I could tack fuse the space ship on to the coil!!! "WRONG TAMARA" my 5 year would tell me. Yes, the little old man disguised as a 5 year old calls me "Tamara" & sometimes "Tammy" because he knows I really, really, really hate being called Tammy. There's a little twinkle in his eye when he says it & I have no idea where he every got "Tammy" because no one one...calls me "Tammy."

The Mother Ship was fired separately & at a lower temperature from the base glass unit. Temperature was 1385 degrees F for about 18 minutes.

Here's the basic glass foundation post full fuse (1500 degrees F). I have "plans" for this! Lots of embellishment with dichroic images & three dimensional glass at a tack fuse. I like this stage ~ the foundation is in & now the decorating begins....or rather the journey has just begun!

Beam me up! I'm ready!

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