Saturday, January 23, 2010

Accordion ~ Japanese Style

I've been practicing a lot of new music this past week which can be both fun & frustrating. It's fun to learn new music but it takes a few run throughs to get it down. The accordion club finished up our performance schedule by playing a short set at St. Pat's in January. It's a regular monthly gig for Marge Ford & the Polka Chips & The Button Box Gang so it was really nice of them to invite (put-up) with us!

Here's a fun Japanese cartoon. Doesn't everyone love accordions????

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  1. I read with interest a lot that you have written here. My sister sandblasted glass in Anchorage for decades, but isn't right now. She is going to visit me in March. I'm going to show her how to do some simple fusing and slumping. Love the BE tip on making liquid stringers. Very nice effect.