Sunday, January 31, 2010

Liquid Stringer vs Bullseye Glastac

I'm adding component parts to the Glass House project. Liquid Stinger is a product that's relatively new & I've only used it a few times but thought it might be perfect for this piece. The basic premise is that you add the liquid to ground frit to make a liquid-like paste that is piped out into shapes, words, outlines, & any other way you might want to use it!

When I've used the Liquid Stringer in the past I had difficulty getting the portions correct so it would flow smoothly. This time it kept "fizzing" & getting stuck in the squeeze bottle until "SPLAT" it would all spurt out into a big blob! You see a "blob" on the kiln shelf above in the upper right corner.
Getting tired of this, I decided to try to use Bulleye's Glastac instead. I have gallons & gallons left over from the store & even contemplated throwing it way instead of moving it but now I think I've found a new way to use it ~ it's my new liquid stringer medium & it works great!

I mixed up even proportions. Squeezed out my shapes. Let it dry & then put a second layer on top. Let it dry again & then fire. These were fused at about 1385 degrees as I wanted dimension.

Finished glass components & the finished piece with all the components fired into place!

There's a lot of dichroic components & images fused in too. Some of the images are of little alien faces peeking out of the window.
I'm glad to have this piece done for the Museum Gala!

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  1. You' re creating wonderful things !!! Thank you for sharing your experiences !