Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mt. Redoubt at Twilight Time

You may have read in the news that Mt. Redoubt is threatening to erupt. We're on volcano watch & stocking up on masks just in case it decides to blow. The last time it was active was about 10 years ago & it had a large impact on the airlines as the ash drifted into the flight patterns. It effectively shut down Anchorage International Airport & grounded travel for many days. 

For health reasons it's good to stay in doors or if you have to go out you need to wear a mask. The ash is very abrasive & it can do serious damage to your vehicle ~ both the mechanics & the paint. Hopefully, it'll just keep rumbling & then settle down.

I'm all settled into my new diggs so I'm not venturing out unless it necessary! I love this photo of the mountain. It looks so beautiful & calm but look out ~ who knows whats lurking below.

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