Thursday, February 5, 2009

Reflections on February

I was just scrolling through some pictures from last February & came across this photo of a moose strolling bye my front gate. I hope he appreciates the custom glass inserts that I made.

These are large panels that each measure approximately 30" X 36. I reallly like having the two gates that open into our front walkway. The glass is Bullseye Glass, about 3 layers of double rolled with copper inserts. There's little honey bees flying around the leaves & colored highlights. On a sunny day the sun shines through the glass & we have a rainbow on the walk & plants.

Entering the gates, we have a lovely perennial garden that lines the walk & I keep my two beehives in the front garden. I've tried to propagate plants that the bees will visit such as bee balm, poppies, hyssop, dandolines, clover....yes, you read that right I now encourage dandolines & clover in my grass! It makes for a light & flavorful honey.

Speaking of beehives ~ the bee season is coming up! I just ordered two 4 lb packages of bees for the spring. The packages usually arrive in mid April. I did try to over winter my existing two hives but I'm not to hopeful for them as the weather has been so wacky.

More on the bees, gardening, glass, & spring....soon ~


  1. Hi Tam,

    This is one of my all-time favorite pics! Great to see you blogging. Looking forward to learning more about your bees.

    Cheers, Lani

  2. Hi Lani ~

    This photo reminds me of your blog & of course Bullseye glass! Thanks for taking a peek at my budding venture. Tam