Sunday, February 8, 2009


I've just been doing a little Tarot Tune-Up for myself & learned some interesting things. This year, 2009, my year card is the number 7 which corresponds to the "Chariot" major arcana card. Number 7 is also William's soul card. He & I are going to have a very interesting year!

The number 7 has been my favorite number since I was a child. While studying astrology, tarot, & mythological history I realized the power of 7. I wrote the number Seven above in green because all the numbers have always been in color ~ do you see the numbers in color? A psychic once told me that the number 7 is the number of crazy changes ~ like the warrior woman driving the chariot pulled by steeds or the magical winged animals in the Motherpeace tarot deck ~ you'd better hold on for the ride!

The Motherpeace book also says that Seven is considered a sacred, mystical number, embodying a sense of completion & accomplishment, as in the magical seven planets of the ancients & the seven notes of the musical scale. The Chariot represents groundedness & the ability to accomplish tasks on the physical plane (good for a Virgo like me!). It traditionally symbolizes a victory of self-discipline.

The Motherpeace goes on to say that, "you carry the tools of the warrior."  Yes, I have my glass cutter, my kilns & my torch!  The Motherpeace says, "the Chariot belongs to the activist. You can harness the energies you need to accomplish your task."

This card & number are closely linked to Athene who in peacetime is the goddess of skills, handicrafts & the healing arts & in war time tames the horses to draw the Chariot to battle.

Seven is the number of colors in the rainbow & the number of musical notes. The number of Seven reminds us that there is symetry, order & reason within the structure of the universe. Even when things seem chaotic there is a pervasive network of structure that is comforting.

For me all of this fits my current change in business, lifestyle & family. I closed my retail gallery after 10 successful years, my wholesale business is growing & my son is spending his days full-time with Mommy. I'm looking forward to harnessing new energy & spending more time with my own little lucky number 7!

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  1. Seven is my favorite number, too. I was born the seventh of seven children >> to a woman whose birthday is 7/7.

    I was 33 when I gave birth to my 3 on the 14th day (divisible by 7) and then gave birth to my fourth on 7/4/07. I had hoped to deliver our 4th on 7/7/07 > but since I went in to labor on the fourth, I was happy that if I couldn't make it to 7/7 >> July 4 was the next best thing!

    I wish you a wonderfully peaceful year with your little William. (Beautiful name, by the way...!)