Monday, December 5, 2011

Glass Puzzle ~

Often, when I'm working on a large glass piece for a home installation
I start with a couple of color palates & then make up sample pieces.
It gives the homeowner & myself an idea of how the glass colors will look
in the home.  Light, both artificial & natural, is of utmost importance.

There's lots of variables such the wall color  (which is easy to change),
the natural light (not so easy to change) &
artificial light within the space (a possible
option to change) & how all of these things interact
with the glass.

These are left over pieces from a bathroom tub & vanity surround.
They are all 2 layers of 3mm glass which after fusing are 1/4" thick.
Some of these were cut down into strips & other patterns to create a
variety of sizes, patterns & shapes.
The tub & vanity glass has a specific pattern
(photos on that to follow). 

There's a base piece of 3mm Tetka glass (24" X 48")
& the beginning of the layout on top
It's a bit like putting a puzzle together ~ trying to fit
pieces together & coordinate colors for an abstract look. 

These are thin strips that were cut off the edge of larger tiles.

Here's the thin strips used as fillers for a more random feel.

Here's the beginning of a big project.

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