Sunday, December 18, 2011


I've been painting a lot lately.
I go in spurs of mediums (always glass)
but  ** spurs **
in other mediums:  fiber, sewing, painting, clay, metal, mixed media.

I'm not the neatest artist.

I thrive on organized chaos. 
Everything has it's place it's just not always in its place!
I work in my studio every day & in the wee hours of the morning ~
(that's when I call my Dad, wake him up & he says..."now, who is this??"

I aspire to having every tool & supply in its place ~ it just isn't very realistic for a
working artist who's actually making a livingas an artist.

It's interesting to me when other artists show pictures
of their studio with every single pencil & piece of paper tucked away in bins & drawers.

How, how, how do you create anything??
(maybe they clean it up & then take pictures?  Yes!  That's it!!)

I'm very visual so I love to see all my materials & supplies.
Seeing everything inspires me to go where I probably wouldn't otherwise.
If it's tucked away I forget what I have... oh, that's probably where the
artist inventory & catalog card system come into play ~ :)

I'm usually working my my studio but when I'm painting there's
better light in my house and so....

all my supplies end up on counter & dinning table. 

This works to my advantage because then Will wants to paint
(or do whatever I'm doing).
He has a good eye for color & composition.
I had a blank & gesso'd canvas laying on the table thinking
he'd probably want to paint & ....bahhhhawahhhhh!!  my evil plan worked!!

This is a painting of  "a day" & "big foot has his BIG FOOT caught in a jail."
hmmm ?  Where did he hear about "big foot?"
I'm loving the sun & turquoise sky.'s not big foot's "foot"  it is his "toe."
please make note of that....toe.  is.  caught.  in.  jail.
Happy Holidays Everyone!
* "making a living" for me is all about "life style."
An artist life style is a whole other post.

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