Thursday, November 11, 2010

Time Out ~

We're in Girdwood, Alaska for a little R & R.
My husband is here for a work retreat so William & I thought we'd hang out at the resort & have a bit of a spa retreat. However, best laid plans & all that, the spa / pool is closed for maintenance & the gondola is closed for repairs. Most of the shops are closed until after Thanksgiving. Only one restaurant in the hotel is open & a glass of wine costs $12!!!!
Typical Girdwood!

We had a second home here for 15 years & not much has changed since we sold it a few years ago. It's dark, cold & rains almost every day. Some winters there's lots of snow & some years lots of rain. I believe Girdwood is the northern most rain forest. It's beautiful in a mysterious way.

William has new x-country skis so he was itching to to go skiing ~ for his very first time! So, we put on our rain gear, waxed the skis for warm slush & headed out to Moose Meadow. You might ask why we would have rain gear with us for skiing? Well, its Alaska & the weather can change on a dime & you always need to have rain gear with you!

Tracks were set ~ it was fast & icy but he did great!

Will was a quick study. He learned how to kick & glide, turn around, push up with his poles & fall!

Yeah! Success.
Now off to Chair 5 for hot chocolate.

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