Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Calling All Accordion Babes!

Looking for holiday gift ideas?

Here's one for the accordion players in your life.

Here's what Renee de la Prada, the head babe, says about the calendar;

"The 2011 Accordion Babes Album & Pin-Up Calendar is produced by independent women artists who are brave enough to squeeze the squeezebox in revealing outfits; they're also talented enough to knock your socks off. This album is WAY better than the music you usually hear on the radio; it's got folk music, roots music, jazz, some killer dance tunes...it's a delicious, eclectic and well-produced compilation album with 13 awesome bands. We even feature an artist from France this year, making it our first international issue. As for the pin-ups, you can see in the photos below that the accordion has never looked sexier."

Speaking as an accordion player & someone who purchased 12 (yes 12!!) calendars last year this is a really cool gift! I bought 12 for the members of the Anchorage Accordion Club & everyone oohed & aahed over the pictures & the CD. It was a big hit and we're not just talking accordion lovers here! One of my favorite cuts is "Blue Box Waltz" by Roxanne de Oliva.

A couple of the Anchorage Accordion Club players privately told me I couldn't give this to Father Eric. Yes, we have a priest who rocks the accordion & button box. He even has a polka mass once a year ~ how cool is that???? It would make my Mother so happy if I went to church & maybe I could actually do it once a year. Probably isn't going to happen...sorry Mom!

I hadn't even thought about the "appropriateness" of giving this to a priest because to my thinking who wouldn't LOVE this calendar??? To be honest I did get a little worried & I didn't want to offend him ~ is "offend" the correct word(?) I don't think so ...maybe "hot under the collar" is better. hee, hee! Naughty!!

The solution? More clothes for the women! Yep, a set of paper doll clothes did the trick & the Padre could make up his own mind on whether he wanted them more covered or au naturel'.

His choice ~ but I think the Goddess would want him to embrace the beauty of a women's body!

I'll be ordering more this year & maybe everyone will get a extra set of clothes / costumes! Who knows but it ended up being a really fun project & I can have William do the coloring!

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