Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bullseye Striker Red

I have a few sheets of Bullseye 1122 striker red.
It's pretty yummy glass.
This is a large charger platter ~ about 20" ~ with a full
2 inch border of dichroic glass.
The impending holidays make me pull out all the reds, golds & greens!
I think I'll do a series in this design for my two remaining retail shows.


  1. ooooh . .. . I love this color. Good choice.

  2. Thanks Julz!! The strikers are fun ~they intensify & it really depends on the heat & kiln I use for the resulting color.

  3. Gorgeous, I'm sure the series with be a hit. Good luck on your shows. I only have one left before we fly the coop.
    Your prize is on it's way.
    xoxo Kim

  4. Thanks Kim! Have a safe trip & enjoy the sun.
    Tam :)