Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Check out this cool clocks my friend
Peggy Monaghan has created!

Peggy is a local musician & record producer who successfully has
produced events such as the "Song Writer of the Year",
the monthly Arctic Siren's Cabaret at the Snow Goose stage
& most recently Patrick Ball concert via the Irish Club.
She is the owner &
artist behind Arctic Siren's Records.
One of the results of producing records...
ah correction (I'm dating myself),
Cd's is that she often has lots & lots of left overs,
flawed, & old or outdated material.
After trying to come up with a way to environmentally
recycle the vinyl she's created these
charming clocks!
They are Clocks With A Past!
Each is made with a Cd, an old 45, 78 or LP!
If you can't play them anymore at least you can still enjoy them!
I'll have her creations at the
this weekend.
The clocks run from $10 to $20 each!
What a cool gift for the musician or music lover in your life!

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