Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall Is In The Air

Fall is in the air!

Cold & brisk in the morning with sunny warm afternoons!
I love the fall. I think it's the memory.

Memory of starting school in the fall.
The excitement of everything new. New clothes, \
new supplies (new paper & crayons still give me a thrill),
new experiences, & new friends!

The cool mornings walking quietly on the sidewalk and thinking.

I guess I was always a thinker & the time walking to school was my meditation.
Quiet time alone is a gift & something so precious & valuable.
If given a choice between a party & being home alone I'd always choose to be, eating, working in the studio.

My "little grey cells" are revisiting these experiences through my son.
He's started kindergarten. (sob!)
(I won't go into the whole gory story of the Charter School &
Optional School issues in Anchorage but it's a nightmare &
worthy of another post or letter to the editor)

And we walk to school almost every morning.

Saying rhymes
It's my meditation

It's a special time to walk with your child & reflect on meaningful things,
These are the things I hope I always remember ~ even if I have Alzheimer's.

As we walk....we talk.
And we collect.
We collect little memories for our table altar.

Little do-dads like leaves, rose hips, pine cones, a rock, a dead worm, rain, a stray candy wrapper, a weed, a dried flower blossom, grass... you get the idea.

All these items lead to discussion. "Why is the rain gone???"
"Let's have a burial for the worm"
"why would someone throw a wrapper on the earth?"

We are not lacking for dinner conversation at our house!

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