Thursday, September 9, 2010

No accordion practice this week....


Because of Labor Day, here was

NO Accordion Practice this Week

for the Anchorage Accordion Club.

So in honor of "no practice"

here's some funny antidotes about the accordion.

I love to play the accordion,

playing with my friends, & stories / jokes about the accordion.

Do you have one???

Send it to me & I'll add it to my collection!

A Primer for Beginners

  1. Get an accordion. The cheaper the better because they all sound the same. Do not tell anyone what you have done - it will only cause them to worry. They will find out soon enough.
  2. Take the accordion out of the case and strap it on. It is better if the accordion rests on your chest instead of your back but, for the first few weeks, it doesn't really make that much difference.
  3. For sounds to be produced, three things must happen: The bellows must be moving in or out. One or more of the keys or buttons must be pressed. All potential weapons within a one mile radius must be collected and secured. The third is the most important
  4. The buttons on the left side are chord buttons. The "C" button has a dimple or nipple so you can find it without looking. (This is a safety feature. Before it was invented, thousands of accordionists suffered painful and sometimes disabeling injuries - much to the delight of the general public). Never use more than three buttons. "Professional" accordionists appear to be using lots of buttons but they are acutally just desperately trying to find the damned "C". "Professional" means they have learned to smile while they do it.
  5. Play the black and white keys. The high notes are at the bottom and the low notes are at the top. (That arrangement isn't supposed to make any sense. Accept it.) Note: If you find the high notes at the top and the low notes at the bottom, you have either put the accordion on upside down or you have tried to repair it yourself. If the former, turn the accordion over. If the latter, pack your acordion up with thousands and thousands of dollars and mail it far away for a long, long time.
  6. Continue playing until someone begs you to stop or threatens your life, whichever comes first.
  7. Put the accordion back in its case.
  8. Order an accordion tee-shirt and wear it to the Mall.


  1. Tam, I forgot to mention that I started blogging about my accordion journey...a little different spin on it, but you might like it ( You have to read from the first accordion entry to get the full picture. My husband started all the trouble.