Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How To Give Without Being Taken ~

a great article by Luann Udell.

When I owned the gallery I was asked almost daily to donate work to a
multitude of non-profit organizations. I said "yes" to virtually every single request.

My standard donation was a recycled wine bottle tray.
They are beautiful, ,made from recycled wine bottles & make a fun addition to any silent auction.
I always thought it was good karma to give back to my community in a small way ~ and this was usually the only way I could give to many events.
I bought into sales pitch that "it's good for the gallery."

Currently, I'm asked almost weekly to donate a piece of my work to some cause or event. It's always followed up with "here's our 501c3 number for tax purposes." Just to clarify; a 501c3 number is a non-profit organizations IRS number that they use when filing taxes. It has nothing to do with a donation that I might make to their organization. Only cash donations are deductible ~ artwork or in-kind donations are not deductible for an artist.

This is a well written article explaining an artist's perspective to donation. If you're an artist you'll read it & smile. I tease my husband (who works for a non-profit bye the way) that I'm not a non-profit....people only think I am!!
If you work for a non-profit & ask for donations you might cringe.

Hopefully, we'll all learn something.

Thanks Luann for a thought provoking article.

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